Apr 26 • 58M

Austin Kleon Spreads Some Book Love

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Austin Kleon is an enthusiast, a man of joy, who takes great pleasure in contemplating the creative process and who has built a loyal following by sharing his love for books, music, movies, comics, journaling, notebooks, brush-pens, and so much more. He’s a man with eclectic tastes that are both curated and wide-ranging, and so he is an ideal guest for a podcast like this. Kleon joined the show recently to discuss his life in books, his own book writing process, books he reads with his kids, and much more.

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And, of course, thanks for listening!

Books Mentioned in this episode:

  • Lynda Barry, What It Is

  • Anne Patchett, These Precious Days

  • James Kochalka, The Cute Manifesto

  • Lewis Hyde, The Gift

  • Scott McCloud, Understanding Comics

  • Journal of Henry D. Thoreau

  • Jenny Odell, How to Do Nothing

  • Alan Jacobs, Breaking Bread with the Dead

  • Peanuts comincs

  • Calvin and Hobbes comics

  • Tove Jansson, History of Moomins

  • Jack Kirby comics

  • Liana Finck, Passing for Human

  • Kristin Radke, Seek You

  • James Marshall, George and Martha books

  • Jon Klassen’s hat books

  • Ernie Bushmiller’s Nancy

  • Alan Taylor’s Assassin’s Cloak

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