Well, we’re down to eight adaptations. Someone left a comment saying that this bracket might be where we have jumped the shark as a group and I think it may be true. But other than two rather significant surprises (looking at you Prisoner of Azkaban and
The Diary of a Country Priest: Chapters 1-2Listen now (45 min) | (including future schedules)
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Out of the Silent Planet Q&A ThreadHave a question about Out of the Silent Planet? Post below and we’ll answer as many as we can on the next bonus episode on Close Reads HQ!
Okay, so. Round three is here and now that the greatest movies of all time have been eliminated maybe we can settle in and accomplish something. This…
Pygmalion: Q&A EpisodeListen now (60 min) | Join David and Tim as they welcome back special guest Jessie Turpin to read a scene from the play and answer your questions…
Round two of the 2023 Close Reads literary bracket is upon us and as you can see round one saw its fair share of chaos with at least five “underdogs…
Out of the Silent Planet: FinisListen now (54 min) | Join Heidi and Sean as they dig into the conclusion of book one of CS Lewis’ Ransom Trilogy! Topics of conversation include some…
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